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Hexcape is an Italian Electronic Engineering company born in 2001 as an update of the ELSYD Engineering sole trader company. 
Proudly we really run by engineers for engineers. Today Hexcape design bespoke Electronic devices/systems on request (compliant with your technical specifications toolset) and recently sells IP (Intellectual Properties) by mean his brand new company "SHARE-IP.com".
We have been in operation for over 15 years and are carefully grown to our current size by maintaining the mission that "all projects are treated with equal attention, regardless of their size or financial value".
Surely, our primary goal that we have set ourselves is to establish a relationship of lasting trust with the customer not using only the cost factor as a parameter of satisfaction, but satisfying it in terms of the quality of each single portion of the services offered.


Your ENGINEERING one-stop-source

We are been in the business many years, we today also have good working relationships with other service providers (PARTNERS), so we can provide additional services as needed, referring our clients to these companies, or subcontract their services becoming your ENGINEERING one-stop-source.