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Electronic Design

We own more than 20 years' experiences on Electronic design. In addition, we also design multilayer (actually up to 16) PCB layouts


Hexcape can bridge the gap between hardware and software by providing to our customers Firmwares for Microcontrollers and DSPs.


As your FPGA IP house, we actually provide VHDL and/or VERILOG codes for any bespoke Digital function the customer needed.


Thursday, November 01, 2018

Raspberry PI GPIO tester


We wanted to make this very simple board for manual testing of the Raspberry PI™ 's GPIO pins and all those boards that were born to simulate the behavior of the famous Raspberry Pi™, keeping the same pinout for the 40-pin connector. This is just a simple exercise to facilitate the lab work, but since some companies have asked us to be able to own it, it is not excluded that we will soon be selling it on the site of one of our partners that deals with selling embedded components.


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Tuesday, September 04, 2018


Despite the immense availability of components of any kind (analog and digital), sometimes we happen to not find exactly what we need. It is also true that often we can adapt "abundant" components (i.e.  in addition to the functions we need, they also have others that in this project we will not use), but using an abundant component usually increases the cost of the finished product of the customer. So we can find ourselves in front of the dilemma "We put it in the circuit as it is or we design one that has only those functions"? A component that does only the functions required for us usually means an FPGA or a Microcontroller (in the case of digital circuits), a small hybrid circuit or a FPAA (Field Programmable Analog Array). Obviously, if the available space on the PCB allows it and in the case of analog functions, we design the circuit we need with discrete components (Op amps, filters, etc).
The algorithm that we usually use to respond to the dilemma starts from the cost analysis of the component (simulating the cost of the component related to the entire production during its life cycle) compared with the sum of the component cost still to be customized (still related to its purchase for the entire life cycle) and the design cost related to customization, which will make the perfect component (not abundant) for the intended functions. We usually like to share this analysis with the client and decide together with him what is the best way, obviously showing the client what are the advantages and disadvantages.

Recently we had the need to have a component that seemed to be simply a power manager and a microcontroller supervisor, but we could not find one that simultaneously:

- managed to reset the microcontroller
- enabled the power supply of the system when all the voltages were at their correct level and followed the correct sequence
- act as a watch dog timer for the micro, which can be enabled on request
- managed the Jtag lines for onboard micro programming
- monitor the status of the power supply voltages for Brown out reset
- external reset by pushbutton

After some reflections we thought to use a small and very cheap Max V Intel CPLD (5M40ZE64C5N) to make all these functions.

Saturday, August 18, 2018 logo white

Hexcape has started a brand new innovative service of production and sale of IP (Intellectual Properties). This service will be available on September 2018 at:,and it will allows to buy online the right IP ready to go, easily embeddedable on your project at a price very often lower than 40% of the market price. Stay tuned !!!

Thursday, August 02, 2018

usb2I2S trasp1With great honor, we have received a request from our Swiss customer to design his new USB to I2S board for Audio Applications.
This company is leader with producing high-performance professional audio systems.
This board has the form factor of a Raspberry Hat, so it can be conveniently connected to the 40pin connector of the Raspberry boards: once connected to a DAC board (this customer already sell Dac board with Raspberry form factor), the whole solution would represents a stand alone sound card, without using a Raspberry for this task.
For this project we used a chipset from XMOS (XCORE 200) that helped us to realize this project by owning both the USB device and the I2S interface.


LEGAL NOTICE:  All product names, logos, and brands are property of their respective owners.

Sunday, July 15, 2018
Today our Team has participated in a professional training seminar on the topic "Internationalization strategied for global companies". Through this interesting seminar we will be able to perfect our business expansion strategies, improving the way we interpret the European market (and not only) and all our style of proposing engineering out of the Italian market.
Internationalization strategies for global companies seminar


We had the honour to supply consultancy services to largest multinational enterprises focused on Defence and Aerospace sectors with branches in Italy. We were able to design parts of satellites, terrestrial and flying drones, portions of communication systems and military command and control systems.
We provided support to some Italian companies involved in the design and manufacturing of medical devices (diagnosis and patient care). In particular, we were asked to design devices for babies/children (lung ventilators and incubators) as well as systems to measure the pneumatic capability of human lungs (SPIROMETRY).
In the last years we are involved in a Train High Voltage Power Converter Rack Controllers design.
Our customer needed to design a 19" rack guesting a backplane with bespoke bus communication protocols.
Hexcape is involved in Industrial projects since its birth.
Recently an American company has commissioned us to design a single board to manage Industrial plants for energy harvesting.
That boards (named MEGAMOD) take care about some communications/protocols (MOD-BUS, RS485) and manage bespoke sensors/actuators networks.
Since 2004, we provide Italian companies involved in delivering gaming machines for BINGO halls, Casinos and play rooms. We have created various gaming platforms compliant with the Italian COMMA 6 and COMMA 6A rules.
In the 2017, we planned a new HW Gambling board with Jamma interface for one of our customers who want to create a MultiGame Gambling platform for sale with its games Worldwide.