We were already on a summer holiday in Sardinia when one of our loyal customers who provide LED lighting systems for museums and prestigious jewelers all over the world, asked us to design for them a system of dimming their mono and multicolored LED strips, as well as designing a new modular led strip.
We designed two driving boards, one with dimming and one without, including both a very compact LED driver for piercing the current on the strips. The driving was achieved through a board with optical encoders (we excluded the classic potentiometers to make the system more reliable and visually more elegant) always designed by our team, connected to the dimming board through a simple but reliable RS485 interface mounted to daisychain to drive a chain of stripes with leds. A very accurate PWM was obtained with the use of a DSP from Microchip, our partner company. We have already seen our solution applied in more than one jewelry in Rome.




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