NovaPLC: a motherboard for Novasom I.MX6 boards



A friend company based in USA and Romania, asked us to design a carrier board that would allocate interfaces for its class of NXP I.MX6 microprocessor boards.
Together with its R & D manager, we have designed the specifications for a carrier board for industrial applications, which is still stable in their product catalog, and in fact we will soon have to design the 2018 version with additional required interfaces.

This card own a plug to allocate their I.MX6 boards, and is powered by an ATX power supply (those used for motherboards of PCs).

The following interfaces are present:

- 3 PWM channels for motor control
- EIA RS 232 with complete flow control
- EIA RS485
- dual CAN
- analog output channels via 12bit DAC
- analog input channels via 16bit ADC
- 3 relays 250V 5A
- thermocouple input
- USB device
- I2C
- 4 digital input channels 0-10V
- 4 digital output channels at 0-10V
- further EIA RS-232 with electrically opto-insulated with complete flow control (1500V)
- further EIA RS-485 electrically optically insulated (1500V)


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