It is very important for our customers to understand the ways in which we transfer our Intellectual Properties (IP). They often ask us, in fact, if they can access the sources files of our works or have to be satisfied with the only executables files, as many of our competitors do. After several months of discussion and after asking the same questions to our law consultants, we have reached a LICENSING POLICY with which we intend to work indefinitely over time.
Notwithstanding that we do not give up and never give up the full license of the IP that we produce, we provide however some modalities of concession among which the customer can choose the one he prefers according to his need at that time.
We currently have 3 ways of granting the license to use IPs, it being understood that all three are always to be considered a license grant for non-exclusive use:
  1. only executable license (EXE LICENSE): with this license, the customer receives in electronic and / or paper format only the technical documents needed to produce the product to which the license refers (EXECUTABLE files), but not also the documents that generated them (SOURCE files).
  2. source license for internal use (LITE LICENSE): with this license, the client receives the SOURCES but not the EXECUTABLES (if He wants the executables he can ask them at any time) and can use them only for internal use (He cannot sell the source files, neither original nor modified).
  3. source license for external use (FULL LICENSE ): with this license, the client receives the source documents but not the executables (if He wants the executables he can ask them at any time) and can use them modified to sell the modified project (He cannot sell the original Source Files).
The customer can ask us for each project the license mode that he prefers to buy. If in the future you want to update the license because they have changed its needs in the meantime, you can ask us and we will be happy to offer you the update pack.
Below, the actions that are allowed for each licensing pack:

 our licensing table

IMPORTANT: For additional informations about any part of the licencing agreement, please refer to the LICENSING AGREEMENT document to be signed
together with the deal.