printed circuit board layout
Since 2002 we offer to our customers the ability to design or edit (if the customer owns the intellectual property) Printed Circuit Boards (PCB), actually up to 16 layers.
Despite the obvious difficulties of realization, we are able to design circuits with 0.4 mm ball pitch BGA components, with 2 mils track-to-track and track-to-hole clearances.
We use CAD tools to design your Pcb, and normally we supply our work in Gerber files format (RS-274X), also providing the .pos files for pick and place machines (automatic mounting devices), drill and assembling drawings files for a fast and accurate production step, and 3D files (VRML) to embed the boards into their environment using 3d Mechanical CADS (Autocad, Rhino™, SolidEdge™,....).

As always we never leave alone our customers offering them a service of after-sales support (the warranty on possible misfunctioning due to our negligencies is obviously free of charge in the first year after delivery, at affordable costs in subsequent years).
 pcb design example
 SIP101 3D3


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