cpld and fpga structure
Since earlier 2004, Hexcape provides industry leading FPGA design services. We can use our FPGA Consultants' experience to design bespoke FPGA solutions for you. Offering low level HDL (VHDL, Verilog) codes for any bespoke digital function the customer needed, and maintaining good relationship with biggest FPGA components providers (mainly Intel, Microsemi and Lattice Semiconductors) catching technical news coming from the Silicon world, we place ourselves in the CPLD/FPGA microelectronics market as one of the most favourable for those who need to use FPGA components.
Usually we are used to design IPs specifically designed for customers who require customized solutions for their circuits or for those who need a standalone integrated circuit to present features that are not present on the market or embedded in too expensive IC to be used.
Often our clients ask circuit with an FPGA to protect their intellectual property managing encryption keys and proprietary data through such keys.

For many years we designed IP for programmable logic using VERILOG and VHDL language, and sometimes we also use the schematic entry method to achieve what our customers need.

In addition, Hexcape ownes wide experience within High Speed FIR & IIR Filters, Cordic blocks, Audio & Video and High Performance DSP systems design.
As an FPGA design consultancy firm, we can cover areas as:
  • implementation
  • testing
  • specification and documentation depending on customer needs
  • verification offline and/or online
covering Defense & Aerospace, Transportation, Communications, Gaming, and Industrial markets needs.
Usually we are involved in:
  • task-specific IP design for CPLD or FPGA design and/or optimization by our FPGA design Team
  • testing, verification and validation of IPs
  • System on a Programmable Chip (SoPC) systems setup embedded software and firmware development


  • VHDL


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