our terms and conditions
We aim to be rigorous and serious since the first minute that we work for you. That's the reason why we like to clarify here the terms we typically work with. After much discussion among us, are many years that this way of working shows us to be the best way to work with and for our customers.  


Usually we use one of the following two methods work; the customer can choose the preferred:
"TIME- based" approach: We normally charge a fixed hourly rate, negotiable for larger projects and long-term clients. We agree a flat rate with each client, rather than different rates for different types of work, keeping time-tracking and billing very simple.
"PROJECT-based" approach: upon receipt the technical specification pack from the customer and after a careful analysis, we formulate our quotation to indicate lead times and cost.


We consider the tools and equipment we use as part of the service we are offering, and hence the costs are included in our hourly rate. Sometimes clients ask us to use a specific tool or item of hardware that is particular to their job – we sometimes charge the client for this, otherwise we ask them to buy it. As ever we will be up-front about this – there will be no hidden charges!


We don’t charge for travel to or from the client’s main premises – after all we decided where we live, so why should you pay for that! However we do charge a nominal fee to cover our expenses for other travel related to your project, for example to an EMC test house, or for site visits. It is worth noting that travel costs are normally a very small part of the overall budget, anyway we make good use of modern communication tools (i.e. SKYPE, WHATSAPP, TELEGRAM,...), which minimize travels needs.

Design data

We prefer to supply the customer with whatever (and only that) that he really needed to produce wherever it wants, how many copies he wants and when he wants the product you asked us to design for him, anyway we keep in our home ownership of the Intellectual Property(IP).
There are two main reasons:

  • in this way we can keep the costs significantly lower than the competition, while providing everything the customer needs. If the client needs more privacy on the use of the IP that we have created, or want to buy exclusivity, we can negotiate with him at any time a non-disclosure agreement that protects him or the transfer of IP in his favor.
  • We can freely use our own schematic symbols, footprints and software libraries that we achieved over years of work without being forced to provide them to the customer (which in that case he would have to pay). In this case, those libraries would be "hidden" in the overall design, so we can safely use them while remaining free of charge for the customer ('cause they are "hidden" in the project).


We treat all knowledge and data as highly confidential unless told otherwise. We will not share any information relating to a client or project with anyone else without your express permission. A Non Disclosure Agreement (NDA) can be drawn up if asked.

All data is kept secure from access by third parties.

Are we good enough to run your project?

Just to provide you an idea about our capabilities, We normally handle projects from around € 500 to around € 200.000 – anything significantly bigger than that is probably too much for us. If you’re not sure if your project is suited for us, just give us a call – we will be very happy to discuss it with you and make suggestions.


We have never let a client down, and pride ourselves in the quality of our work. However, for your peace of mind, we have Professional Indemnity Insurance Cover which can provide you with compensation up to € 250,000 should we act negligently.